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    Pascual Capella Soler - CEO

Pascual founded the company in 1992. He studied political science and translation in Munich, going on to complete a post-graduate course in marketing. With 16 years' experience in the business, his expertise extends from translation and localization to PR and marketing.

"Over the last ten years, the globalization industry has had to evolve quickly, combining straightforward translation services with logistical, creative and technical services. Our customers expect one-stop solutions that span various media, processes and areas of competence. We enjoy the challenge of bringing together the skills and technology needed to create solutions that work for our customers."

    Naomi McGrath - Creative Director

Naomi studied Applied Languages in Dublin and moved to Germany to work as a translator, specializing in creative, marketing and PR material. Having worked freelance for several years, she joined Capella & McGrath in 1997. Naomi is responsible for concept, content and collateral development. She holds a ten percent share in the company.

"Many of our international customers come to us because they are disillusioned with traditional translation or content creation services. The problem most commonly encountered is an over-dependence on the source text in the case of marketing materials or, in the case of content development, an inability to overcome cultural differences. Our approach is impact driven - we say it in the customer's words, not just their language."

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