Company : Snapshot          

At Capella & McGrath, we are ...

                                      ... committed          
                                                                    We offer the hands-on intensity of a grass-roots organization, the versatility, dynamism and freedom of a medium-sized agency and the stability and experience of an established company.          
                                      ... competent          
                                                                    Drawing on over 10 years' experience in localization, we combine a thorough understanding of the business with the latest tools and technologies.          
                                      ... versatile          
                                                                    We offer a one-stop service for the broadest range of localization and content development services, generating synergy effects across all media and languages.          
                                      ... lean          
                                                                    With a strong focus on individual needs, our uncomplicated, streamlined and cost-effective business processes place the customer - and not the
technology - center stage.
                                      ... international          
                                                                    Situated at the communication hub of Europe, we have some 300 partners in approximately 25 countries and immediate access to a rich diversity of native linguistic skills.          
                                      ... successful          
                                                                    We enjoy an excellent reputation among all our customers - including key industry players such as Microsoft, Infineon Technologies, Siemens, SAP and HP (formerly Compaq).          
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