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Your needs
You are an editor, technical writer, product manager or head of a documentation department. You need to get your company's datasheets, product manuals, installation handbooks and user guides translated cost-effectively, consistently and accurately.

And you're racing against the clock, with your product launch just around the corner. It's an awful lot to juggle - how can you be sure that

  • Your corporate and technical terminology is used consistently?
  • Your files are processed competently?
  • You avoid duplicate work dealing with different service providers for each language?
  • Previous or similar translations are being "recycled" for maximum cost and time efficiencies?
  • Your translations are consistent and of a high quality?

___ The solution
Capella & McGrath offers a solid, end-to-end Technical documentation package enabling you to simultaneously localize your manuals across multiple languages. We add value to your localization processes by bundling complementary services and core competencies, enabling you to achieve high-quality results faster and more cost-effectively.

Whether you're looking to optimize existing processes or set up a new workflow, our experience and know-how can help you set the right course. Foresight and good planning go a long way towards avoiding costly mistakes that might delay time to market or, worse still, damage your reputation.

Over the last ten years, we have gained vast hands-on experience along the entire localization chain. This, coupled with our extensive technical and linguistic resources, means we can quickly and effectively localize your offline and online content simultaneously in multiple languages. In addition, we leverage synergy effects across software, web content and technical documentation to your benefit. The higher the volume of material to be localized, the greater the potential for time and cost savings through translation tools and technologies.

Media interfacing
Failure to preserve the integrity of your source format can result in costly and time-consuming reformatting and reprogramming. But it doesn't have to come to that. Drawing on our extensive experience in the handling of both traditional and new media, our technology team ensures that your content can be seamlessly transferred from one language to another on the same media or from one medium to another.

Knowledge management
The difference between information and knowledge is access. We can help you maximize the return on your multilingual assets by leveraging the latest language technologies and content management systems to capture, structure and distribute your multilingual intelligence for maximum benefit.

___ The bottom line
With our TechDoc package, you benefit from
  • A single-source solution covering the entire localization chain from translation to publishing.
  • One contact for multiple languages.
  • Delivery on time and in budget.
  • The highest standards of quality.
  • Excellent working knowledge of all major editing environments and publishing packages (QuarkExpress, FrameMaker etc.).
  • Increased efficiency, consistency and accuracy through translation technologies
  • Proven expertise and excellent references.

Call us today to discuss how you can benefit from our TechDoc package.

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