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Keeping the wheels turning

___ Your needs
You work for a large organization and regularly find yourself in need of general or department-specific translations. These vary in volume and may require a legal, administrative, commercial or financial background. And you usually need the translation by yesterday.

To assist you in your task, you are looking for a reliable translation partner that can guarantee:

  • Dedicated expertise in the areas of law, commerce, finance and administration.
  • Absolute reliability and meticulous handling.
  • Ability to meet tight deadlines.
  • Contactability and flexibility.
  • Ability to adhere to product terminology and corporate wording.
  • Simultaneous handling of multiple languages.
  • Cost and time savings through the latest language technologies and tools.


___ The solution
Drawing on over 10 years experience in the translation of legal, commercial, financial and administrative texts, Capella & McGrath has bundled various complementary services and core competencies in our General package. It is designed to add value to your translation workflow, ensuring efficient, reliable processing.

The optimization of workflows and processes can save significant time and money, also helping to raise consistency and quality levels. We can work with you to explore how existing procedures can be fine-tuned through the use of language technologies, content management systems or terminology management solutions.

With some 300 service partners in 25 countries, we always have the right translator for the job. All native speakers, our translators are experts in their respective fields. Our services range from fast turnaround, high-volume, time-critical projects, through high-quality technical and legal translations to software localization and web localization.

Knowledge management
The difference between information and knowledge is access. We leverage the latest language technologies and content management systems to capture, structure and distribute your multilingual intelligence for maximum cost and time efficiencies.



The bottom line
With our General package, you benefit from

  • Customized translation services built around your product-specific terminology and workflow.
  • High-quality translations backed by our rigorous quality assurance methodologies.
  • One contact for multiple languages.
  • Faster turnaround and greater consistency thanks to translation tools.
  • Delivery on time and in budget.
Call us today to discuss how you can benefit from our General package.
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