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Speaking your customer's language


Your needs
You work as an account executive for a marketing department or an advertising agency. Your job is to create marketing and advertising material and/or adapt it into foreign languages.

Above all, you need to be sure that your concept and content development processes align with the practices and needs of your target market or, in the case of content adaptation, that the impact and tone of your advertising/marketing text is maintained in the target language.

This is easier said than done. Finding good monolingual creative writers is difficult enough. Finding skilled multilingual creative writers is like finding a needle in a haystack. When you select a communication partner, how can you be sure that

  • Your partner can overcome cultural differences to create content that "speaks" to your customers?
  • The advertising and emotional impact of your text is preserved in the target language?
  • You don't have to waste time and money post-processing and reworking?
  • Approval by the local office is smooth and speedy?
  • Your partner has the know-how to work within your publishing environment?
  • You keep your briefing and administrative effort to a minimum?

___ The solution
Capella & McGrath offers a premium
Marketing Communications package designed to help you confidently create marketing collaterals and adapt them across multiple languages. We add value to your multilingual communication processes by bundling complementary services and core competencies, enabling you to achieve high-quality results you can rely on.

A thorough assessment of your needs coupled with analysis of the various execution options and ramifications can help you steer a sure course for success. Foresight, good planning and a sound understanding of your objectives and target market go a long way towards avoiding costly mistakes that might undermine your customers' confidence in your abilities.

Content adaptation
Some types of customer-facing communication call for skills that extend beyond those of a regular translator. With our marketing communications service, we focus on the desired impact of your marketing or PR material rather than the structure and wording of the source text. We combine creative skills with in-depth and well researched product and industry insights. The result is a high-quality product that reads as if it were written by a native expert rather than a translator.

Why not develop content directly in the language of your target market? This can save valuable time and money, eliminating the expense and complications involved in an interim foreign-language version. This service can be combined with our content adaptation deliverables to create high-quality content in several languages.

Media interfacing
Failure to preserve the integrity of your source format can result in costly and time-consuming reformatting and reprogramming. But it doesn’t have to come to that. Drawing on our extensive experience in the handling of both traditional and new media, our technology team ensures that your content can be seamlessly transferred from one language to another on the same media or from one medium to another.

___ The bottom line
With our MarCom package, you benefit from
  • A professional image on foreign markets, clearly showing your prospects and customers that you speak their language (in more ways than one).
  • Seamless approval cycle with HQ and/or local offices, saving you time and money.
  • Single contact for multiple languages, saving you unnecessary admin work.
  • Streamlined workflow - one call is all you need to get your corporate brochure printed in multiple languages.
  • A single-source solution covering concept and content creation, adaptation, layout, print and even web testing.
Call us today to discuss how you can benefit from our MarCom package.
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