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Our end-to-end service package significantly reduces your localization costs and effort, freeing you to focus on your core business.

As your "power" outsourcing partner, we provide a virtual department that centralizes the resources, know-how and workflows needed to ensure the success of your translation activities.

The benefits of power outsourcing include:

  • Complete control over and access to your multilingual assets.
  • Simplified pricing schemes based on an annual translation budget.
  • The latest efficiency-enabling and cost-cutting language technologies and methodologies.
  • Complete transparency thanks to structured reporting.
  • On-demand access to dedicated project resources.
Building on our standard service packages (TechDoc, MarCom, PR, General, Software localization and Web localization), our power outsourcing offering also includes the following complementary skills and services:
  • Localization audit and consulting.
  • Planning and budget support.
  • Workflow design and reporting.
  • Multilingual asset management.
Talk to us today to see how our End-to-end package can speed the success of your globalization strategy.


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