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First impressions are everything

___ Your needs
You work as a public relations (PR) or investor relations (IR) manager or an account executive for a PR firm. You are responsible for your company's or customer's image - worldwide. Let's face it - investors' and customers' trust in the company lies in your hands.

Whether it be press releases, annual and quarterly reports or company newsletters, you have to be sure that you are communicating the right message in the right tone - in every language. You need a partner who can:

  • Draft PR material in the master language of your choice.
  • Draw on strong editorial skills to ensure a polished product.
  • Maintain the nuances and messaging of your press release in foreign language adaptations.
  • Provide the necessary industry and product-specific insights.
  • Guarantee an in-depth understanding of legal and accounting practices and terms.
  • Keep your briefing and administrative effort to a minimum.

___ The solution
Capella & McGrath combines a range of dedicated services to enable expedient, professional handling of your PR content across multiple languages. Our
Public Relations package draws on the services of experienced, knowledgeable journalists and multilingual writers to help you maximize the impact of your PR communication on foreign markets.

A thorough assessment of your needs coupled with analysis of the various execution options and ramifications can help you steer a sure course for success. Foresight, good planning and a sound understanding of your objectives and target market go a long way towards avoiding damaging mistakes that might undermine your customers' or investors' confidence in your company's performance or strategy.

Content adaptation
Some types of customer-facing communication call for skills that extend beyond those of a regular translator. With our PR service, we focus on the desired impact of your PR material rather than the structure and wording of the source text, at the same time remaining true to your strategic corporate messaging. We combine creative skills with in-depth and well researched product and industry insights. The result is a high-quality product that reads as if it were written by a native journalist rather than a translator.

Creative writing
Why not draft your PR content directly in the language of your target market? This can save valuable time and money, eliminating the expense and complications involved in an interim foreign-language version. And if you wish to issue your reports or press releases simultaneously in several languages, you can combine our copywriting deliverables with our content adaptation service.

Media interfacing
Failure to preserve the integrity of your source format can result in costly and time-consuming reformatting and reprogramming. But it doesn't have to come to that. Drawing on our extensive experience in the handling of both traditional and new media, our technology team ensures that your press releases and annual reports can be seamlessly transferred from one language to another on the same media or from one medium to another.


The bottom line
With our
PR package, you benefit from:

  • Time and cost savings thanks to the elimination of internal post-processing and rewrites.
  • Reduced coordination and administrative effort thanks to a single point of accountability for all languages and publishing steps.
  • A personalized, virtual competence center that coordinates your resources, processes and workflows.
  • A professional image on foreign markets, clearly showing your prospects, customers and investors that you speak their language (in more ways than one).
  • A competitive advantage enabled by the positive impact of your PR communication on foreign markets.

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